Hitachi StarCloud


Internet application for interactive and collaborative teaching.


Interact and collaborate, anywhere, anytime.

StarCloud is an application for interactive teaching based on your Internet browser. It can be used with Hitachi StarBoard products or independently with any display environment such as interactive solutions, projectors and screens. It requires no installation. Accessible via your Internet browser, StarCloud allows you to easily access your digital resources and collaborate with your students and colleagues for individual or group work.

Cloud solution

Whether you're preparing lessons from home or working in a classroom, your files and resources are always online and easily accessible. In addition, since you access StarCloud via your Internet browser, there is no software to install and no updates to perform.

Ease of sharing

Students can use their computers or mobile devices to access files and activities created by teachers, without the need to install any software. Teachers can also share their resources with their colleagues for intuitive collaborative work.

Any hardware, any operating system.

Use StarCloud from your PC or mobile device. Embed videos and web pages in your documents. Create your digital resources and share them with other people, whether they work on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android.

Compatible with StarBoard software.

StarCloud can be used independently or as a simple way to extend the reach and efficiency of digital resources created with StarBoard software. Teachers who already know StarBoard will be able to easily create and save documents in .yar format, as well as open and work with their existing .yar files.


Download product data sheet 

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